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Auto Rooter specializes in small-scale projects in the home. We are known for our work in residential plumbing. We do service factories and buildings, but we work on the individual home as well. We take pride knowing that we get to help the residents of this great city.

We specialize in drain clogs, be it your sink, toilet, shower, or something else. We have the tools and the expertise to take care of any and all clogs. We have dealt with people flushing paper towels, as well as people flushing plastic and metal that gets stuck. No matter what the issue is you can rest easy knowing that we can get your pipes running like new.

Auto Rooter also has a good deal of experience in renovating kitchens and bathrooms. If you were to call us to help take out an old bathroom, and replace it with a new one, then you wouldn’t be the first to ask for our help. We believe that everyone deserves a bathroom they are confortable in, and so we like to bring out talents to the needs of our customers.

From leaky faucets to new pipers all together, let Daniel’s Plumbing help you in any and all your plumbing needs. Don’t just open the phone book to a random plumber, and don’t just hire the first person you find on the Internet. Take some time and find the best plumber in NYC out there. Auto Rooter, has the staff and the experience to take on any job, and we are ready to prove that to you.

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